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Homezone AU - Intel


Homezone AU - Intel

John and Spirit (Mindfang) Seek out intel on the Warzone troll uprising, but what they find isn’t quite what they expect.

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First Mission - keresWings - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]


My wriggler buddy Delta wrote me this, based on my AU HomeZone, you should all go read it!

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First size chart reference for my Homestuck AU Homezone.

Canon Ancestors are younger than the Beta trolls, Rose and Fenrir (Grand Highblood) chose each other when they were 13, did 3 years of training and at 16 years old are sent out into the field of work in the HomeZone, though their work often crosses into the WarZone.

Gamzee is in his early to mid thirties in this AU. Fenrir is one of the eight teenage trolls, the other four are linked with the Guardians (Bro, Mom, Dad, Grandpa) and are just a bit younger than Gamzee.

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More Homezone stuff


I AM going to do more with this AU

The spectrum = intelligence was very badly worded so here;

It’s not intelligence as in IQ, it’s type of intelligence

Lower bloods generally will be better at hanging back a bit and thinking things through on the table, but are extremely fierce and fast, and are still extremely able fighters, they tend to be able to do both. Jade bloods generally have better capacity for medical knowledge and raising grubs/babies, though the minority do go into field work.

Teal bloods would be best adapted for sussing out a situation

Ceruleans would most commonly stick in the tactical field, or theft from the Warzone and the enemies, as well as border and scout patrol.

Bluebloods are intelligent, yes, but their blood color means they’re practically walls of muscle by the time they’ve grown up a bit, so they either help around with building in the HomeZone, protect the HomeZone, or fight in the WarZone when needed.

Indigos very rarely stray from just being attack and guard trolls, they’re smart, but their intelligence normally lies in thinking on their feet while in the heat of battle rather than planning out by pouring over maps.

Seadwellers commonly enjoy war training the most, especially fuschiabloods, for the sake of being able to boss people around, while better them and make them stronger for their armies.

I hope that settled my cock up when I worded the intelligence thing badly.

The ‘feral’ part isn’t completely abolished; the higher on the spectrum the more instinctually compulsive they’ll be, but only ever so slightly, it’s not going from human self control to rabid dog, it just makes that little bit more unpredictable, instead of more genocidal like in the comic

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another thing for the homezone au:

bro, dave, dirk, summoner and mindfang double up as tattoo artists

at age 13 when the trolls and humans have chosen each other they get a symbol tattooed onto them (in a place of their choosing that can be shown with ease).

but trolls and humans are allowed other tattoos, as long as they’re not on or around the required symbol, and if they don’t correspond with another troll/human’s symbol.

GHB has his ‘facepaint’ tattooed onto him by Bro

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ok im gonna start writing this ok but what if

quite a while into the future, trolls end up a regular thing on earth but

there’s a ‘safe zone’ for kids and parents, they can stay for 16 years and then they go back out into the normal world where they have to get jobs, and there’s basically no laws in the outer zone, the government gave up with trying to control it

every child born  at the age of 4 starts to interact with troll grubs and wrigglers, and when the human children hit the age of 13 they have to choose a troll of the ones they interacted with often (more then one child would have interacted with these trolls as well) and they have 3 years to train their troll and basically learn how to work as a team

and depending on caste is the troll’s abilities and body type

like the higher up the spectrum, the more ‘feral’ looking they are, but they’re better with strength rather than smarts, and the trolls that are lower on the spectrum look more ‘human’ and tend to be more intelligent and faster

and depending on the troll you chose that determined what line of work you went to and which area you lived in

and if your troll dies then you don’t get another one

(all the trolls would live for the same amount of time for ease)

Trolls would be able to long outlive humans, so when they lost their humans they would either choose to find another human (trolls can ‘have’ two or three humans before they’re made to ‘retire’) or they can enter the armed services as either tacticians, soldiers or wardogs

i like this au a lot

(whispers it’ll be ancestors not beta or prescratch trolls because i like the ancestors better)

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